Returning to In-Person Worship

May 19th, 2020

Returning to In-Person Worship: Guidelines and Strategy for Brownsville Missionary.

The Objective:

The objective of returning to in person worship is to do so with the safety of our members and the community in mind.  By reviewing all available data and the recommendations of the state and local government, as well as, local, state, and national health officials, this plan seeks to allow Brownsville Missionary to return to in-person worship on a smaller and more controlled level that will be evaluated and updated as needed.  The nature of our returning to in-person worship is a fluid situation that changes rapidly, therefore we must also work diligently to do the same.   The following strategy will stand until new guidelines are sent out.

Service Times:

During this time services will run for approximately 45-50 mins.

9:30 am – Worship at Camp Joy (in the open field) on any Sundays weather permits.

9:30 am – Sanctuary on Sundays weather doesn’t allow us to gather outside.  

11:00 am – Sanctuary Every Sunday – Will livestream this service on FB every Sunday. 

*call will be made by 8am on Sunday Morning if weather will not allow service to take place outside. *

-Unlimited number of people allowed, as long as, 6ft distance is maintained.  Will NOT have use of golf cart to transport to and from car.  Need to bring your own seating.  “Seating Zones” will be identified and will be clearly marked. 

Parking Lot and Entrances at Church:

Parking will run normal, but please maintain social distances when entering the building.  The Parking lot side entrance will remain closed.  The office entrance and the front entrance will be open.  There will be tape on the sidewalk and areas leading to the entrances to keep people mindful of the 6ft space needed between people.  Doors will be open at least 20 mins. prior to service. 

Sanctuary Seating During Worship

Under current guidelines we will be able to seat approximately 65 – 70 people for any service.

-If entering from the office entrance you will be directed to sit in the end of the pew closest to the doors on either the left or right of the platform.  Seating will start in the back and move to the front.

– If entering the from the front doors, you will be seated on the middle isle side front to back. 

-Every Pew will have a portion taped off that keeps the seating area at a distance from other seating areas in all directions.

-Once service concludes, each pew will be released to exit the door you used to enter. 

-We will have a running online sign-up sheet for the service you are planning to attend.  Once you sign up for a service, your place will be marked and saved until changes allow us to open up more seating.  We will keep a few spots open in case of visitors.  If more people desire to attend service than what is available, we will seek to have them move to a different service.  If all services in the building fill up, we will re-evaluate and add additional services as necessary.

-All hymnals and community Bibles will be removed and stored. 

-During this time, we ask that if you need to leave the service after being seated that you do not return back to the sanctuary during that service.  You are welcome to attend the next appointed service.

*Due to the circumstance we ask you to be completely flexible with your seating location.   As you arrive and enter you will be seated in the next open spot.  Some of you will have the amazing opportunity to take part in the service from a completely different side of the Sanctuary! 


Along with our weekly cleaning company, the sanctuary and common touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each service.

Social Distancing:

This is one of our main weapons against sickness during this time.  To that affect, we will not do our customary meet and greet time during the service, and we would ask you to keep sufficient distance between your family and others. 


There will be “offering stations” located at the entrance and exit doors.  You can also continue to give by dropping off your tithe at the drive thru of Edmonson County Bank in an envelope marked Brownsville Missionary C/O Michelle Coleman or Rhonda Meredith, or mailing it to Brownsville Missionary, P.O. Box 412, Brownsville, Ky 42210.   


Bathrooms will be available, but only for emergencies.  Please use the restroom prior to attending service.  If the bathroom is needed for an emergency. during the service please maintain distances while walking to and from. 

-The Bathroom at the end of the hall will be reserved for parents with children, or those with accessibility issues, in the event of an emergency.


Families are encouraged and welcome to attend.  Families will need to sit together and understand the need to follow the other guidelines in regard to bathroom usage, etc.  Families with children are encouraged to attend the outdoor service at camp joy, but must understand that you family will have to stay in your designated area.  If your children are with you while attending the service, please keep them sitting with you in your seat section.  We know this is extremely hard and will limit some of your ability to take part in the first couple of weeks of in-person service at the sanctuary and we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.  

Face Masks:

You will have the ability to wear a face mask if you desire it.  Please bring your own personal mask from home.  You also have the ability to choose not to wear one.


As always, if you are feeling sick, even if you do not think it Is something serious, please worship at home via Facebook live.  If you are an individual that is considered “Hi Risk” we would ask you to use your best judgement.  I know you would like to be at church, but if it is better right now for you not to be that is ok.  I would rather have you here with us long term!

Facebook Live worship will be continuing and will even improving to a better picture, better sound, and more media platforms.  If you are not comfortable with being in a crowd in the current climate, please do not hesitate to use those media options.   Make no mistake, if you choose to wait to return to in-person worship, we don’t think less of you and we still love you and are praying for you.  Please let us know how we can minister to you during this time.

Wednesday Nights:

In May, we will have 1 Wednesday Night where we will meet for a short time of worship / prayer / and a business meeting.  This will take place in the upper parking lot on our church property.  Please park in the upper lot, filling up the spots closest to the rock wall and/or the guard rail first.  You are welcome to bring chairs and sit outside your vehicles, while maintaining social distancing. 
Other Wednesday Nights we will be delivering food to families on our food list.  Any help with this amazing ministry will be greatly appreciated!  More Details to follow! 


Currently, we will not have any options for nursery available.

Sunday School:

Currently, we will not be offering In-Person Sunday School Classes for any age.

Van Ministry:

Currently, we will not be running the van on for services.



May 19th, 2020

Our Response to COVID-19 

March 13th, 2020
During this time our church is responding in various ways.  They are listed below.
1.  We are trusting God in the midst of this outbreak.  He has not given us a spirit of fear and for that we are thankful.  We will continue to press in and serve our community each and every day.  We are praying for those affected and those that are working diligently to seek to stop the progress of the virus.  We are praying for the leaders of our government, that they would have wisdom to deal with the days ahead.
2.  We are reviewing information daily and will make decisions on upcoming service based on the best information we have any given day.
3.  We are jumping in to the livestream game with both feet beginning tomorrow.  This is something that has been in our conversations for months and we were planning on taking these steps in the very near future, but we decided to start tomorrow!
4.  We are consistently looking for opportunities to serve our community.  Through this effort we are partnering with our local schools to deliver food to the homes of people in need.  We have also started a new E-mail address focused on helping those in need.  If any member of our church, or our community needs something please let us know by calling us, messaging us on facebook, or emailing us at

Join us in praying for our church, our community, our state, our country, and our world.