First Visit 
What will worship look like?
The aim of all of our worship services is to worship God.  We seek to do this through the singing of songs, prayer, and preaching. Our music style reflects the multiple generations we are called to serve and will feature hymns that are hundreds of years old, as well as, recently produced music.  This “cohesive” approach to music allows people to worship with old favorites and the opportunity to learn new songs. 
What should I wear? 
People of many different backgrounds and vocations attend worship at our church.  Because of this, you will see people in many different types of clothes.  There is no dress code at our church, so wear whatever you would like.  If it helps, our pastor preaches in jeans or slacks, and (very, very seldom, like once a year) wears a suit.  Come as you are. 
What about my kids?
Kids under 3 are welcome to stay with you in worship, but for your convenience a fully
staffed nursery is provided.  Our nursery staff is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers that have been working in our nursery for years!  They feel it is their calling to help point even the youngest kids to Christ. 
I am not perfect, will I be welcomed?
We are glad you are not perfect, because neither are we!  We will seek to love you and your families with the same love we have experienced from Christ.  We want you to know you are welcome here and we would love an opportunity to show you!
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